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  • Newsletter June 2019

    Early BirdsWe are in our Sooty Tern Season and once again the birds arrived earlier than expected. By the end of March thousands of birds were already hovering over the northern part of the island where the Sooty Tern reserve is located. Once April had arrived you would find them spending the day either flying above the island or out fishing but towards the late afternoon, around 5 pm,  you could really see the colony as the birds would slowly begin coming down to rest.

  • Newsletter March 2019

    World Wildlife Day Life below water : for people and planetThis World Wildlife Day which took place on Sunday 3rd March, celebrated life below water. This could not be more fitting for Bird Island where it is not only the birds that reign but also the breathtaking marine life surrounding it. The ocean is such an important part of our lives yet many of us take it for granted.

  • Newsletter December 2018

    To our dear readers,Yet again, another year comes to a close. Somehow Christmas seems to come around even faster these days. As is customary, tomorrow will be our last day on the island.

  • Newsletter March 2017

    A New Year...It feels like we just sent Christmas Greetings your way and now Easter is just around the corner. Where does the time go? We're already into the third month of the year!2016 was a bumper year for the Sooty Tern Colony on Bird Island and we're hoping that this year will be just as successful.