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  • Newsletter June 2019

    Early BirdsWe are in our Sooty Tern Season and once again the birds arrived earlier than expected. By the end of March thousands of birds were already hovering over the northern part of the island where the Sooty Tern reserve is located. Once April had arrived you would find them spending the day either flying above the island or out fishing but towards the late afternoon, around 5 pm,  you could really see the colony as the birds would slowly begin coming down to rest.

  • Newsletter March 2019

    World Wildlife Day Life below water : for people and planetThis World Wildlife Day which took place on Sunday 3rd March, celebrated life below water. This could not be more fitting for Bird Island where it is not only the birds that reign but also the breathtaking marine life surrounding it. The ocean is such an important part of our lives yet many of us take it for granted.

  • A Noter - Vols 2019

    A Noter - Vols 2019        Départ de Mahe: 1040Hrs (Enregistrement: 0940Hrs, Terminal Domestique)        Départ de Bird:   1125Hrs (Enregistrement: 1055Hrs, Bird Island)

  • Newsletter December 2018

    To our dear readers,Yet again, another year comes to a close. Somehow Christmas seems to come around even faster these days. As is customary, tomorrow will be our last day on the island.

  • A Rare Sighting: The Great Cormorant

    Bird Island is renowned for the number of non-resident birds that appear in its approximately 100 hectares of land. This might be because Bird is the northernmost island of Seychelles, and thus possibly the first land seen by birds arriving from the north.On 9th April 2018, a cormorant was discovered on the island’s east coast. It was then seen again on 17th April.

  • L’association Victoria Accueil retourne à Bird Island pour la journée internationale de l’environnement

    A l'occasion de la journée internationale de l'environnement, du 5 Juin, l'équipe de Bird Island a accueilli un petit groupe de l'association Victoria Accueil. Soucieux de préserver ce joyau de la nature présent aux Seychelles, le groupe composé de 6 membres, a ainsi participé à un nettoyage des plages environnantes. Malheureusement la mer apporte toute sorte de déchets. Cette année la palme est pour les savates,...

  • Newsletter May 2018

    Sooty Terns: Always something new to learnOn Bird Island and in other colonies throughout Seychelles, Sooty Terns breed seasonally during the south-east trade wind, roughly April to October. Outside this time, the millions of birds involved disappear from Seychelles' waters and their whereabouts have been a mystery until now.A collaboration among researchers who carry out continuous studies on Bird Island has led to new astounding discoveries regarding these birds' 'travel' behav...

  • Newsletter June-July 2017

    The Birds are back...This year the south-east trade winds began earlier than usual and Sooty Terns, whose breeding activities are generally linked to the onset of this season, had begun nesting on Bird Island earlier than the long-term norm with a few eggs appearing by 27 May (generally, they do not begin laying until early to mid June). On his first walk around the colony, researcher Chris Feare, found that laying was well under way and that the colony was already looking spectacular. Despite t...

  • Bird Island Photography Competition

    We invite all photographers, amateur and professional, to join the Bird Island Seychelles Photography Competition! Send through images captured whilst holidaying on this island during the month of June through to September 2017 and stand a chance to win a return trip to this awesome place! Unleash your creativity and send in your shots, whether of breathtaking sunsets, lovers by the beach, our friendly Creole staff or the fantastic wildlife, anything that captures the essence of Bird Island.